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Gore District Community Awards 2019 - 23rd Aug 2019 to 20th Sep 2019

Gore District Community Awards 2019 MAINLAND MINERALS ENVIRONMENT AWARD 
Recognises and celebrates a positive contribution made to improving and / or protecting our environment  by a business, individual, school, family, or organisation. The context could be soil improvement, recycling, pest control or conservation, planting, or waterways protection.

So many people are doing wonderful things in our district, getting things done in a more sustainable way....whether it be things you've implemented on farm, within your Business, or spreading knowledge through your school enviro group or community. We want to celebrate these awesome achievements with you.
You might think it's not much, but every little bit that everyone does has a positive impact on our local environment and deserves recognition! 
Nominate yourself, your group or organisation or someone you know."

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