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Get your fertiliser working more effeciently - 5th Sep 2013

Helicopter application, also option of groundspread or fixed wing application. How do you get your fertiliser working more effeicently? 
Easy, apply it in fine particle form.

Even distribution of your fertiliser is the key to success, and is what you get when applying fine particle fertiliser.  You will also reduce leaching and run-off, as well as nutrient loadings on soils and waterways ...meaning your fertiliser is used much more effeciently.

The benefits of increased pasture production & quality happen much faster with fine particle fertiliser, because it is more easily available, getting below the surface layer of soil more quickly.

On some farms you'll see granules sitting on the ground for months or years, that fertiliser is NOT working for you!

So, save money and farm smarter with our fine particle fertiliser.

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