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Crop Planning - 9th Oct 2013

Crop Planning When you are planning your Crops to be planted this season, make sure you research all the options.

Soil Test

Starting with a recent soil test is a good idea, allowing you to check your base nutrient levels - as each paddocks fertiliser and trace element requirements are different.

Granular First

We've had lots of success with Crops that have Granular Mainphos mixes applied by direct-drill or ridger, alongside the seed at the time of planting. This works great, as it ensures nutrients, particularly Phosphate, is easily available for seed germination and plant uptake and will help with successful crop establishment.

Then Fine Particle Fertiliser

When your crops have full canopy closure, an application of our Fine Particle Fertiliser product called Winter Green will get vital nutrients, especially Nitrogen, and trace minerals to the plant, boosting yield, and helping to put condition on your stock over Winter.

Talk to us about your Cropping plans, and we can help you to Farm Smarter!

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