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Murray & Jonny talk Salt - 17th Aug 2016

Murray & Jonny talk Salt The Muster this week was a goodie.... We talked about the benefits of salt and everything Mainland has to offer.... click here its well worth a listen

Check out our loose salt lick, available at our Mainland Minerals Store, give your local representitive or our office 03 208-3004 a call for more information or to order.
Extra Magnesium Salt Lick A blend of salt and minerals with extra magnesium. Suitable for sheep, cattle, deer, horses and goats, year round. Ideal for in-calf dairy cows and in-lamb ewes in Spring when pasture magnesium levels are lower. $25/Bag 25kg bags
DXM + Extra Magnesium PLUS Salt Lick As above, with added zinc, copper and iodine. Suitable for stock displaying severe signs of mineral deficiencies and as a boost for young animals, cattle and deer. $26/bag
Note: It is not advisable to supplement DXM+ salt licks to breeds of sheep with lower tolerance to copper (eg Texel Sheep).
Fodderbeet Multi-Mineral Salt Lick  Mineralized salt lick with extra phosphorus for cattle on Fodderbeet.   To be used as a nutritional supplement aid for dairy cows and other cattle on partial Fodderbeet diets. $30/bag
Note: This product is for cattle only and is not to be used in sheep. 

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