Mainland Minerals Southern - COVID-19 Update

Mainland Minerals Southern - COVID-19 Update

23rd March 2020

Here at Mainland Minerals Southern the focus is very much “business as usual” within the current guidelines by the Ministry of Health. We are extremely lucky that in our day to day operations, good physical distancing is already in place.

We are however taking precautions both inside and outside our work environments to limit our social interactions, physical distancing and ensure we have constant access to hand sanitisers etc. We are not offended by an elbow bump or an East Coast wave instead of a handshake!

There is no question, this is a challenging and concerning time. However, by comparison with other parts of the economy, the rural sector is well positioned to continue to function. Mainland is a supplier of essential products and services to NZ agricultural farmers. Farmers needs to produce healthy crops and pasture that are essential to grow food to feed the world.

We are only a phone call away! Please don’t hesitate to phone through any store orders and we will make sure they are ready for collection without physical contact.

Stay safe, stay positive.

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