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Testimonials from our Fine Particle Fertiliser customers

At Mainland Minerals Southern we really value our customer's feedback, and all customers are given the opportunity to report back to us (in confidence) once the application of their fine particle fertiliser is complete.

Please browse our testimonials and see what our customers think!

Ida Valley, Central Otago Farmers

"We use Mainland Minerals fertiliser as they are one of the easiest companies to deal with! We see the value of our fertiliser in stock health, blood testing of our deer showed high levels of all trace minerals including copper ... we now don't need to administer any extra copper".

Tokonui, Catlins Farmers

"Mainland Minerals provide us with a complete cost effective fertiliser solution which has resulted in better quality grass, increased animal health and very low empty rates. The option of aerial application has been very useful for steeper parts of the farm."

Clinton, South Otago Farmers

"We choose to use Mainland MInerals fertiliser because of the continuous improvements we see in general stock health and weights, as well as our lambing percentage being up by 20%. We also now have minimal bearings and much less dags."

Blair Robertson, Waikoikoi, Gore

"Since changing to Mainland Minerals over 11 years ago our farm has done a 180. We have nearly doubled our stocking rate, our animal health problems have dropped considerably, the soils are in a lot better condition and the quality of the pasture has improved immensely. Resulting in significant gains to our bottom line."

Clinton Farmers

"We have been using Mainland Minerals fertiliser for approximately 8 years.  We have seen increased results in stock health and biological activity in the soil, and also better root development in the plant.  We like the quick plant up-take with fine particle, and it's great having the option of either ground or aerial application!"

Ian Taplin, Dairy farmer from Otautau, Southland

"We always choose Mainland Minerals for our fertiliser ... it results in very low input costs for the level of production we acheive, and no vet bills!"

Beau, Anne & Jonny Trevathan, Central Otago

"we choose Mainland Minerals fertiliser because of the improvements we continue to see in soil structrure, including more microbiology in the soil, better pasture growth and stock health".

Tony & Linda Cook, Hillend, Balclutha

"Since changing to Mainland Minerals fertiliser 4 years agao we have seen a big improvement in stock health, an increase in lambing percentages and an increase in the average lamb weight!  We also noticed that the stock started grazing right down into the gullies, where they wouldn't before."

Steve Blakely and Geoff Blakely, Central Otago

"With our old fertiliser regime we were putting on lots of product and not seeing results. We like Mainland Minerals fertiliser because of the even distribution, ease of application and better uptake of minerals. We saw a lift in stock health, improved soil and pasture growth.”

J Harris, Southland

“We keep using Mainland Minerals fertiliser because of the benefits we see, like an increase in lambing percentage, good lamb growth rates and cleaner stock. The Winter Green fertiliser is really good, as it maintains stock health when they’re on crop over winter, without needing extra supplements”.

L & D Beattie, Outram

“Mainland Minerals are our preferred fertiliser supplier ... we have seen amazing improvements in stock performance meaning we can finish more lambs on the farm. Feed quality has also improved meaning we are saving money on things like drenching and other animal health expenses".

K & R Pullar, Southland farmers

We've been using Mainland Minerals fine particle fertiliser for over 17 years, changing because it was competitive price wise, is environmentally friendly and I like the way you can have fertiliser mixes tailormade, including trace elements for my individual pastures.

The main benefits we noticed was the improvement in stock health and increased dry matter. The soil became more free, with increased worms. And less money was spent on animal health.

Barry & Belinda Dodd, Bindarra Farm, Southland

We have been using Mainland Minerals fine particle fertiliser for 8 years.  We choose Mainland Minerals because you can apply it by helicopter or plane, which means the fertiliser is applied to the whole farm - including over the plough bank and into the gullies. Also, blends can be tailor made for different areas of different soils. We also like that it is solid fertiliser ground down and applied in liquid form, gives a more even and accurate application.

Some of the results we have noticed is better stock health, stock grazing down into the gullies as well as the tops. Healthier soil, good worm life (many in a square spade dig) and good root structure going down deeper.

Kent Blackler, Central Otago farmer

Kent has been a valued customer of Mainland Minerals Southern for 15 years. “Being in a low rainfall area it is hard to get traditional fertiliser to breakdown and become active . . . the Mainland Minerals product works very well in our situation. We have carried out a two-year trial here on our property, and the area fertilised with Mainland Minerals produced 10% more dry matter than the area with traditional fertiliser, which equates to quite a substantial return at the end of the day”.

Ray McCrostie, Southland farmer

“We continue using Mainland Minerals because of the great benefits we see, their products and philosophies have been an integral part of our farming operation for decades.”

Matt Newton, Precision Helicopters Limited

Precision Helicopters have been associated with Mainland Minerals for around 15 years and has in the past been their helicopter applicators.
“I think one of the keys to their success is the fact that they can combine both trace elements and major elements together, and have a way of distributing them evenly across farmland . . . no one else has that system in place”.



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