Benefits of Fine Particle Fertiliser

Some of the benefits of using Fine Particle Fertiliser compared to a traditional fertiliser are:

ONE – evenness of fertiliser spreading. This leads to improved fertiliser efficiency, rather than some areas of a paddock receiving more and others less than optimum amounts of nutrients.  All plants will therefore receive exactly the same ratio of nutrient, resulting in a more even pasture sward with a higher density of plants/unit area, leading to greater dry matter production.

TWO – greater surface area. Being finely ground gives a much greater surface area (often more than one hundred times) per kilogram of fertiliser applied than conventional solid fertilisers. The result is rapid uptake of nutrients into the soil system, which in turn means more nutrients are available to the plants more quickly, leading to a quicker growth response.

THREE – sustainable. Longer term independant trials have shown high sustainability of all nutrient levels.

FOUR – nutrient uptake by foliage. Many nutrients can be directly taken up by the plant through its leaves meaning the nutrient is available to the plants more quickly.

FIVE – two jobs in one. Both macro-nutrients (calcium, nitrogen, phosphorus, sulphur and potassium) as well as trace-minerals can be applied at the same time - saving money on application costs as well as time. Seed application and spraying are also able to be done at the same time.

SIX – proportions of nutrients can be varied. Mainland Minerals do not have standard fertiliser with a set level of say phosphorus or sulphur, as is the case with conventional fertilisers such as Superphosphate. Every fertiliser mix is unique and is blended according to the nutrient requirement of each farm. If your paddock has adequate levels of sulphur, but low levels of phosphorus and you apply Superphosphate – you are ultimately paying for sulphur that is not needed! This is not only poor economics but poor farm management, and could also be environmentally damaging.

SEVEN – environmentally friendly. When you apply lesser quantities of only those nutrients that are required, and they are applied accurately with highly sophisticated spreading equipment, there is little opportunity for nutrient to run-off into water-ways, or be blown away in the wind.

EIGHT – economics. With fine particle fertiliser you need less weight of product per hectare, which means less money needs to be spent. And more importantly, at the conclusion of a three year trial conducted independently, the area fertilised with Mainland Minerals fine particle fertiliser yielded significantly better stock health and economic return than the area fertilised with conventional solid fertiliser.


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