Stock Health

Stock Health

Mineral Drenches

Blue and White mineral drenches..... ideal for ewes, lambs, dairy cows and calves.
A great all-round conditioner for your stock.

Multi-Mineral Salt Licks

Minerals are essential for animal health and superior performance, including disease resistance, fertility, milk production, weight gain and skeletal development
The purpose of a mineralised lick is to act as a nutritional buffer between an animal and its feed, and can compensate for a seasonal lack of certain minerals

Our licks are carefully formulated to immediately address mineral deficiencies and provide a cost effective and proven way to enhance animal condition.

Dairy XM Extra Magnesium Salt Lick
A blend of salt and minerals with added extra magnesium, suitable for sheep, cattle, deer, horses and goats, year round. Particularly effective in Spring when pasture magnesium levels are lower, and ideal for dairy cows and ewes in lamb.

Dairy XM PLUS Extra Magnesium PLUS Salt Lick
As above, with added extra magnesium, zinc, copper and iodine. Suitable for stock displaying severe signs and mineral deficiencies and as a boost for young animals.
Note: some breeds of sheep have lower tolerance of copper eg. Texel

FB Fodderbeet Multi-Mineral Salt Lick    
Mineralized salt lick with extra phosphorus for cattle on Fodderbeet to be used as a nutritional supplement aid for dairy cows and other cattle on partial fodderbeet diets.
Note: This product is for cattle only and is not to be used in sheep.

Trace El Deer

Deer are naturally adapted to a diet high in levels of trace elements, particularly copper, which are
generally not found in a pasture situation. Trace-El Deer helps to boost animal health, velvet production
and general stock performance.
Contains: copper, zinc, boron, magnesium, cobalt, selenium and iodine.
Apply from spring till autumn, according to pasture conditions.
Apply every 4-8 weeks.

Trace El Lamb

Supplies key trace elements for pasture to help boost weight gain in lambs; especially cobalt, iodine, selenium, zinc, boron. Lack of cobalt and other key trace minerals can show in lambs with low growth rates, listlessness, lack of thrift, anaemia or rapid loss of weight and appetite.
Apply from weaning till late autumn, or until stock have reached target weight.
Apply every 3-5 weeks during periods of vigorous pasture growth.

TraceEl Pasture Spray

Trace elements sprayed onto pasture to enhance stock health and performance. Can be applied year round to ensure stock are receiving optimum levels of vital minerals they require.

- TraceEl Lamb
- TraceEl Deer

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