Soil Testing

Soil Testing Information

At Mainland Minerals, our focus is to enhance the biology in your soils whilst balancing and enhancing the major key nutrients and trace elements of your soil to ensure maximum plant and animal production.

Soils vary from place to place as they are affected by a variety of factors:

There are predominantly six factors which influence the nature and properties of soil:

  • The parental material from which the soil was formed
  • The specific climate at the time of formation of the soil
  • The organisms in the soil, both the current plants and biological activity as well as the organisms that were present at the time of soil formation
  • The topography of the land, including slope and relief
  • The age of the soil
  • The current human practises on the soil

We are rarely able to influence the factors one through five, as human beings we do however have significant impact on current soil practises.

In terms of agriculture, we are even more concerned about soil fertility, viability and sustainability. So the question is raised;

What is indicative of a viable, sustainable and fertile soil?

Each and every pasture is different, and each and every farmer has different goals and ambitions for their farm.

The fertilisers Mainland Minerals provide impact all aspects of your soil. With a holistic perspective, Mainland Minerals work with you on programmes that are specific to your farm and farming requirements.

We do soil testing through independent soil scientist Dave McKie of Soiltech Limited.

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