Granular Fertiliser

Granular Fertiliser

A customised mix of the exact nutrients your farm needs, based on a recent soil test. We supply to you in 1 tonne bags or in bulk, and you arrange to apply by bulky or with your own spreading gear. Especially good for cropping time and when capital phosphate and/or potassium is needed.

Di-Calcium Phosphate

A Di-Calcium Phosphate fertiliser with double the P of single super
(18%P, 20%Ca) pH of 7.8 and with very low Cadmium and Fluoride.
The phosphorus is quickly available to the plant, with the benefit of fast
release P that will not ‘wash through’ below the plant root zone like water soluble P fertiliser can.
Being fully non-water soluble and 90% quickly available P (90% citric soluble) plants can access P as required. Elemental sulphur can be added to meet limitations shown in soil tests.

Granular Winter Green

A solid granular blend that can be applied through your own bulky, local groundspread bulky or / helicopter operator

Ideal for brassicas, winter crops and young grass
Increases dry matter production and helps
elevate mineral levels in stock grazing over winter for better animal performance

Mainphos XP

A high analysis 18% P 20% Ca low acid granular fert with immediate 30%, quick 50% and slow 20% release phosphate.
With only 30% being water soluble P, this P reduces the risk of losing P below the root zone & into water ways. Very low cadmium and fluoride when compared to superphosphate.

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