Similar to Urate-S with the benefit of quick release Nitrogen and Sulphate
Sulphur (30%N). 
Boost grass production when colder marginal soil growing conditions in early spring and late autumn.
Apply at 50-100kg per hectare.

StrategicNitro liquid fertiliser

Kick start your young grass or crops with this highly concentrated Nitrogen fertiliser!
Urea Ammonium Nitrate (42%N), applied in a liquid form, either on it's own or with a gibberelic acid, ideal for targeting strategic pasture growth. 

3 stage release of Nitrogen - starts working immediately and keeps working for up to 12 weeks! Apply at 25-30 Litres per hectare.


A granular option for strategic application of Nitrogen.
Urate-S is a combination of granular urea, sulphur and humate (35%N)
The humate helps to reduce the volatilization or losses of the nitrogen to the atmosphere while offseting some of the acidity of the sulphur and urea.
Boosting sulphur will help optimise natural Nitrogen production in pastures, leading to better pasture yeild.
Apply at 50-100kg per hectare.

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