Clover Root Weevil

Clover Root Weevil

27th February 2014
You may have heard about the Clover Root Weevil, as it is having a major impact on clover production on farms in Otago and Southland.

Do you know what the damage looks like, and are you ready to deal with it?

If your pastures are struggling with clover production, you may not realise you already have the weevil.  We can come and help identify it with you, and talk you through a tailored solution to manage the problem.

It's more than just increasing your Urea to compensate Nitrogen losses, did you know that Clover is not the only source of natural nitrogen?  Increasing biological activity with Limeflour can increase nitrogen released within the soil.

The irish wasp-release is going to take a few years to have affect, in the meantime we can help minimise the Clover Root Weevil impact on your farms production and profitability.  Together, with smarter solutions, we can manage this pest in Otago and Southland.

You can find more information on the AgResearch website

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