Essential Minerals

Essential Minerals

4th October 2013

Now that your lambs are on the ground, it is a great idea to check they have Cobalt, Selenium and other key Trace Minerals readily available to them.



Cobalt is essential for vitamin B12 in your lambs, and it is key to boosting enery and reducing the risk of poor appetite and growth rates.  Sheep need more cobalt that cattle, and lambs are more susceptible to any deficiencies.


Easy As

Mainland Minerals can put together a special fine particle fertiliser blend, which would include the minerals that are crucial for maximising growth and well being in young stock, specifically Cobalt, Zinc, Copper, Boron and Selenium.

Or, if you have suitable spray gear you can apply Trace-El Pasture Spray, which is a mineral mix you dissolve in water and apply to your pasture.


Farming Smarter

Either option will ensure your stock are receiving optimum daily multi-minerals in every mouthful of grass eaten.  It's all about finishing your stock heavier and faster, do it smarter with Mainland Minerals!

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