Keep Your Cows Happy & Healthy

Keep Your Cows Happy & Healthy

30th October 2013

Now that you are in the peak of milk production, you need to be sure you are getting the best out of your cows, which includes eliminating any risk of Downer Cows due to milk fever, grass staggers or bloat.

All of these conditions are due to a lack of magnesium, calcium and salt. Too much potassium also suppresses the availability of magnesium, farmers find this is particularly an issue on ‘Effluent’ treated areas of the farm.

The problem can be prevented, and treated by getting the animals, the minerals they need … a fine particle fertiliser application blended with magnesium, calcium and salt will greatly help your cows. 

Remember, it all starts all starts in the soil, and if you get the nutrients right in the soil, they will be available for the plant and therefore available to the stock grazing.

We also have a multi-mineral loose salt lick which is specifically designed for dairy cows, it is a palatable mix of just what they need. Either or both of these options will give immediate improvements to any cows that are feeling under the weather, and help prevent any reoccurrence. 

Ensure your dairy cows are in top shape and performing well for you during this crucial time for milk production …call us and we can help you to Farm Smarter.

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