Mainland Minerals Winter Newsletter 2016

Mainland Minerals Winter Newsletter 2016

8th July 2016

Hi All,

WOW, where has the year gone? We are nearly half way through it already! It has been a few months since our last newsletter, so we thought now would be a great time to touch base and let you know what’s been happening at Mainland Minerals and offer a few tips on fertiliser.
Our Production team have been busy in the factory with all our equipment and machinery having its annual overhaul, making sure it's ready for a busy season ahead. While we are flat-out with our shutdown, now is a good time for you to get in touch with your local Mainland representative to start working on your fertiliser plan for the coming season or year ahead.

With spring just around the corner it is a good idea to “work on your business” and get a well considered fertiliser plan in place over winter. Try to make this a priority before things get busy with lambing, fawning or calving. This will make sure you are going to get the best possible results from your spring fertiliser, so please keep talking to your local Mainland rep. We will work hard to tailor some excellent options so you hit the ground running in spring.

As we often say it’s “important to be organised with your fertiliser plans” there really is meaning behind what we say as getting an early start can be the key to improving stock health and weight gain during spring.
A Mainland full-farm fertiliser plan is a great option we are offering to clients that value this level of preparation. These are proving to be a great tool for budgeting and planning the year ahead.
As your regional councils roll out their nutrient budgeting requirements we will also endeavour to work alongside you to provide the necessary information.

Have you heard about our NEW Fodderbeet Multi-Mineral Salt Lick?    
It is a mineralized salt lick with extra phosphorus for cattle on Fodderbeet. To be used as a nutritional supplement aid for in-calf dairy & beef cows and other in-calf cattle and deer on partial Fodderbeet diets.
Loose Salt Licks in our view are the best form of on demand trace mineral supplements for stock. Being in a loose mineral granular form stock can access as much or as little as they need.
Price for the Fodderbeet Salt Lick is $30/per 25kg bag or $1150/per tonne.

Our weekly ‘smarter fertiliser’ spot on The Southern Farming Muster on Hokonui Radio (94.8FM) is proving to be a great way to keep farmers in Southland & South Otago up to date with Mainland fertiliser news. You can listen to these talks on our website
The past month we have been focusing on specific nutrients and the benefits they have on your pasture & stock.
Here’s our tips on three key major nutrients Potassium, Phosphate & Sulphur…
Potassium - click here to listen 

  • Key nutrient for photosynthesis and making protein in plants, and adding bulk & evenness to pastures & crops.
  • Helps regulate water retention in stock. Elevated potassium levels in cooler autumn and spring months can lead to increased bloating and bearings.
  • Deficiency in pasture is the spotty look, with bigger clover/grass growing inside the darker urine patch and smaller clovers and weaker grass on the outside.

Phosphate - click here to listen

  • Helps plants with energy and to convert other nutrients into useable building blocks so they can grow.
  • It helps with energy & protein production (milk & meat) in stock.
  • Deficiency in pasture can be seen with stunted growth and spindly plants.

Sulphur - click here to listen

  • Essential nutrient for nitrogen fixing nodules on legumes, also helps growth & disease resistance in plants.
  • In animals it is required for growth, immunity and reproduction.
  • Sulphur typically low throughout Otago and Southland, with deficiency seen as yellowing of pastures.

Keep an eye out in the coming week for more on nutrients by following the links on our website or our Facebook page.

Well that’s all from us as we wrap up yet another autumn newsletter and as we head into those cooler winter months. Fingers crossed winter & spring will be kinder to us this year.
In the meantime, keep the fire stoked up, animals fully feed with quality tucker and we look forward to catching up soon.

The Mainland Team.


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