Mainland Minerals Xmas Newsletter 2016

Mainland Minerals Xmas Newsletter 2016

16th December 2016
Hi Everyone!

And December is here…. In what feels like an incredibly fast 2016!
Thank you to all our valued customers for their support & loyalty throughout the past year, we look forward to seeing you all again for a thriving 2017. We hope you get the chance to relax with your families over the upcoming festive season in what I’m sure will be a well-deserved break.
We would like to acknowledge our hard working Mainland Minerals team for the dedication and drive they have put in over the past year. They keep things ticking over like clockwork and their team work has made sure we deliver a great service to you, our clients.
In farming weather patterns play a big part in how our farming businesses perform. Many other factors, such as fertiliser and farm management, enable us to optimise our results through good and rough weather patterns. The last few years have definitely served up a mixture of good and bad!
Be assured that Mainland Minerals is here to help you when you need the best advice to optimise your farming business, whatever the weather.
December is always a busy time on the farm and while we can’t control the weather we love to make things easier for you when it comes to your fertiliser options, including the following popular options…
  • Customised Fine Particle Fertiliser – especially good for:
  • Lamb & Cattle finishing areas
  • Mixed Age Pastures
  • Dairy Platforms
  • Hill Blocks
  • Young Grass Paddocks
  • Lucerne & Baleage Areas
  • Winter Green Brassicas mixes
  • Customised Granular Fertiliser – especially good for:
  • Low Phosphate and/or very low Potassium areas
  • Brassicas and Fodderbeet at sowing
  • Lucerne and baleage areas
  • Cereal and other specialty crops
  • Winter Green Brassicas mixes

You’re experienced local Mainland rep can help you figure out how best to stretch your fertiliser budget so you can get the best possible results. We are very focused on adding value to your business, by delivering the best advice, service and experience. By doing this consistently well we know we will continue to grow our market share. If you feel we could do better please do not hesitate to contact your rep, our office or Murray Cockburn (027 2766982) to discuss.
That’s all from us for 2016. Our festive season hours for our office and factory will be…
Closed at 12pm on 23th December and re-opening on the 9th January. We love to give our team a good break over the festive season so if you think you may require any services over that time please order in advance via your local sales person who can help with any fertiliser you require.

We wish you and your families a very Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

The Team @ Mainland Minerals 
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