A Different Philosophy

A Different Philosophy

‘‘We take a holistic view and always ensure soil science is at the very core of our approach.’’ 



At Mainland Minerals, we have a different fertiliser philosophy. We believe that less is more, and that a high quality product is much more sympathetic to your soil and soil structure. 


Every farm is remarkably unique. So, it’s only with quality soil testing and assessment of the specific physical and biological aspects of your farm that we can properly recommend either Fine Particle or Granular fertiliser (or a perfectly customised combination of both) to ensure your farm gets exactly what it needs. 


Fine Particle application means that aside from putting less product into your soil, you also get the benefit of: 

  • More dry matter production - even spread means everything is fed! 
  • Faster grass growth - application can cover up to 100x more surface area than granular 
  • Faster plant uptake - direct foliar uptake and is readily available 
  • Performing 3 jobs in 1-fertiliser, trace minerals and seed all in one application 
  • Activating your soil biology - unlock trapped nutrients sitting in the soil. 


It also means that you get excellent results in the form of pasture utilisation, grazing efficiencies, lambing percentages, faster finishing and milk volumes. 


When all is said and done, our product is simply better for your bottom line; it’s natural and less water soluble, helps develop excellent soil structure and supports strong and sustainable plant growth. 


‘‘In the good old days you nuked the whole farm with superphosphate and hoped for the best. Of course times have changed and with a greater desire for better environmental management and good economics, guess work isn’t good enough anymore. Your farm might not need phosphate, so why pay for it?’’ - Murray Cockburn, Director 



At Mainland Minerals Southern we are 100% dedicated to helping you reap better financial returns and reduce your farm’s environmental footprint. We use a unique mix of ethically sourced fertiliser to offer a completely sustainable solution that not only delivers premium results for your farm, but is also much better for the environment.


We challenge the traditional practice of focusing narrowly on NPKS. While we agree with the importance of looking after these nutrients, we also know that looking after the full range of mineral limitations and soil health is crucial to the performance of your pasture, crops and animals. 


At Mainland Minerals Southern our unique blend of knowledge and experience (both as Farmers and fertiliser experts), backed by outstanding scientific intelligence, means we know how to get you great results. But even more than this, it also means we understand the bigger picture. After all, it’s about more than just fertiliser, crop performance and animal health; it’s about the future of your family, your land and the health of the people that consume your produce. 


The results we get for Farmers like you speak for themselves. If you’re serious about finding more profitable and sustainable ways to feed your farm, now is the time to talk to us about how you can get exactly what’s needed.

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